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Single User

proTalk2 VoIP packages can transform your business by saving you money and making commincations easier. The Single User VoIP package is the entry level and starts from just £4.00 per month.

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  • setup is FREE
  • Your phone number can be a UK number or International
  • proTalk2 uses call routing to provide you the best call price.
  • All VoIP to VoIP calls are FREE






Setup Cost £0.00 (FREE)
Monthly Cost £4.00

Included phone number

UK or International

Concurrent calls per number 2
Internal Extensions 1
Call Packages FREE VoIP to VoIP
999 Emergency Services Access YES
Free Hardware -
Min. Contract Length 1 Month
Voicemail YES
Voicemail notification SMS or Email
Call forwarding YES
Codecs supported G729a, G711u, and G711a
Online call logs and invoicing YES
Online contact directory YES
Customised CLI YES