VoIP phones, accessories, expansion modules for any VoIP PBX and Centrex solutions, including SIP modules

Get the most from VoIP with our great range of wired and wireless VoIP phones. All the features you expect from a business-grade PBX telephone system, but without the expense.

Entry level phones start at £80 - with ranges to suit your needs, from single users up to fully loaded switchboards.

The phones provide the same functions you'd expect from a 'proper' business telephone system (PBX), such as: call pickup, transferring, multiple lines, conference calling.

  • Buy your phone online and it will come automatically preconfigured
  • The VoIP phones use SIP - the standard for VoIP calling.
  • The phones look and act just like normal PBX phones, with line selection, call transfer, conference calling.

VoIP headsetsHeadsets are available for all the desktop phones.  They are invaluable for support roles, allowing hands-free operation; even auto-answer if required.

Comfortable and easy to use, they are invaluable for switchboards when coupled with Expansion Kits.

  • Quality headsets for comfortable, hands-free calls.
  • Use existing headsets on some ranges.

VoIP AdaptersFor single-line accounts, a VOIP adapter is often the most cost-effective solution. It allows a normal telephone to make and receive both VOIP and normal telephone calls.

  • Save money on call charges.
  • Add extra phonelines to ordinary phones.


Grandstream AccessoriesUsing expansion kits, you can easily set up a full telephone switchboard with 'internal' extensions anywhere on the Internet. Instantly see which phones are in use - anywhere - and transfer and conference calls between your staff simply and quickly.

  • Instantly see who is on the phone.
  • Quickly route calls and pickup ringing phones.